Phoenix, Arizona – March Weather

The month of March is a busy one in the Phoenix area. Cactus League Spring Training baseball, spring break, art festivals — any way we can spend time outdoors works for most of the month. If we had four seasons in the Valley of the Sun (other than cool, warm, hot and hotter) March would be considered the epitome of springtime. Temperatures in March are typically moderate for the desert, and there might be an occasional rain shower. Baseball games are more likely to be called on account of bees than rain!

Phoenix in March typically sees temperatures averaging about 65°F, with variances averaging between about 53°F and 77°F. Temperatures early in the month can be expected to be closer to the lower of that range, and as the end of the month approaches, and we start to anticipate summer in the desert, the temperatures will rise toward the higher end of those averages. The warmest month of March on record for Phoenix, Arizona was 2015, with an average temperature of about 72°F. The coldest March on record was in 1965 (56°F) so I doubt that will be happening again any time soon!


A Beautiful Day in Scottsdale, AZ
A Beautiful Day in Scottsdale, AZ

During the month of March the Phoenix area has averaged less than one inch of rain since 2000; in the past ten years there was only one year, 2010, when more than an inch of rain was recorded. Our wettest March in the past 25 years was in the year 2000, when almost three inches of rain fell in Phoenix.

Really? You want to know if there has been snow in Phoenix in March? Don’t worry about it. You can put your parka and snowshoes in storage; there won’t be any snow in Phoenix in March.

(Source: National Weather Service, Phoenix. Statistics mentioned here were recorded at the Phoenix, AZ weather station. Portions of the metro area may see variations in temperatures and rainfall from those mentioned here.) Terms and Conditions / Privacy Notice